Protect your investments:
Precise digital sensor technology

The ESR strain sensor:
High-accuracy strain and vibration measurement

ESR strain sensors enable in-depth strain and vibration monitoring on wind turbines, bridges, and other heavily loaded structures and industrial equipment such as automated warehouse systems or industrial mixers.

These sensors combine the expertise of technology partners HEIDENHAIN and LEINE LINDE, offering many advantages over conventional solutions such as foil-based systems:

  • Highly dynamic and high-accuracy measurements
  • Fast and lossless data transmission
  • Robust enclosed design

Features of ESR strain sensors:

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Wind turbines and cranes

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Machines, automated equipment, buildings, and bridges

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High resolution:
The sensor with opto-electrical strain measurement

ESR strain sensors deliver notably higher measurement accuracy compared with foil-based systems:

  • Strain down to 0.025 µε
  • Vibration up to 30 kHz

Benefit from this added accuracy, especially when measuring dynamic loads. You can even measure and analyze short-term events such as load peaks from a single tractor trailer driving over a bridge.

Digital measurement data and more:
Fast and lossless data transmission over long distances

ESR sensors provide fast, reliable, and long-distance transmission of strain, vibration, and resonance measurements, but that’s not all. Their bidirectional digital interface also lets you leverage other key data for structural health monitoring:

  • Sensor diagnostic and status data
  • Acceleration and temperature data from external sensors

Maintain a complete overview of your investment and the status of your monitoring sensors.

Versatile installation:
The ideal mounting technology for every application

Benefit from versatile measurement with ESR strain sensors, wherever and however you need the data:

  • Adhesive mounting for permanent installation
  • Screw fastening for repeated measurements
  • Magnetic mounting for short-term usage

Use one and the same device for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Long-term monitoring
  • Periodic testing
  • One-time certification

Optimal performance for wind turbines

Count on the highly reliable and accurate ESR sensors for monitoring your wind turbines. They deliver the data you need for:

  • Optimized system control (pitch control)
  • Continuous structural monitoring
  • Certification testing of components such as the rotor blades and tower

Protect your investment with optimal equipment efficiency and maximum service life thanks to high-accuracy load measurements.

Your benefits:

  • High scanning frequency
  • Digital interface
  • Sensor status monitoring

Structural integrity monitoring

Buildings and other structures should reach their longest possible service life. The more accurately you measure the static and dynamic loads, the better you can plan and execute structural maintenance measures. Intelligent structural monitoring with ESR strain sensors delivers high-accuracy measurement data for:

  • Long-term structural monitoring
  • Crack monitoring
  • Load monitoring

Monitor heavily loaded structures, such as bridges, with digital sensor technology that reliably transmits high-accuracy measurement data over long distances and enables sensor status monitoring.

Your benefits:

  • Sturdy design
  • High-accuracy measurement data
  • Sensor status monitoring 

Greater efficiency for machines and automated equipment

Boost the dynamic performance of machines and automated equipment such as automated warehouse systems or industrial mixers by precisely measuring resonance and deformation. Condition monitoring with the ESR strain sensor enables:

  • Resonance load measurement
  • Machine model verification
  • Load-induced deformation detection
  • Control-loop optimization

Use the full performance potential of your machine and equipment for maximum productivity. And always operate within the load limits for greater process reliability.

Your benefits:

  • Highly dynamic strain and resonance measurement
  • Fast and lossless data transmission
  • Convenient and versatile installation 

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